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Automatic Liquid Filter Bag Production Line - Press Cutter Type

This machine is a professional design for produce liquid filter bag, it adopt to seamless welding technology: hot air welding the bag body, ultrasonic the bag bottom, pressure knife to fixed length cut.


This machine suits for kinds of PE and PP material, the length of filter bag set from touch screen, the shape and size of the bottom can customize. It uses high quality components to insure stable working; the open design of hot welding machine is easy to operation; the closed design of ultrasonic and pressure knife part is safety during machine working.



This machine has 5 function part:


Feeding part, Hot welding head, Storage part, Ultrasonic part, Cutting part.


1. Feeding part has drawing and sensor control function to ensure fabric can feed smoothly according the hot welding speed.


2. The hot welding head is professional for tubular filter tube. It has independent air fan design to protect heater. The digital display instrument of temperature, current, voltage and speed is simple and understandability.  The temperature control automatically, it is more stable.


3. Storage part has tension control and fix center device to make sure filter tube is more smooth and prevent fabric deviation.


4. The ultrasonic mould made by aviation aluminum with stable performance and long life. Power supply use the most advanced Automatic Frequency Control TechnologyAFC, it suit different size and shape mould.( AFC range from 14.00-25.00Khz. Accuracy: ±5Hz). CPU computer monitor each program, rapid response speed, highly adaptable and in-built kinds of protection system.


5. Cutting part consist of servo motor feeding system and pressure knife. The knife is easy to disassembly and to maintenance.  


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